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A font pair gives you go-to fonts to use for heading and body copy, which makes up the bulk of your written content. Font pairing helps to build your brand. Favorite Font Pairings. Over the last year, we’ve shared a bunch of fonts that we think go really well with graphics on this site. Today we’re sharing some ideas and tips for pairing fonts, and of course, we have several of our favorite font combos for you to download and try out on your projects too!

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Quando + Judson · 3. Allan + Lato · 4. Vidaloka + Roboto · 5. Merriweather and 6.

Favorite Font Pairings. Over the last year, we’ve shared a bunch of fonts that we think go really well with graphics on this site.

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Stay updated with the latest trends in typography if you want amazing designs in 2020. Your browser does not support video. Overview Transcript..

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Font pairing chart

Download Fonts. Karla (700) Karla (400) Karla (700) Karla (400) Open.

Serif fonts are a little old-fashioned and traditional in how they look with their strokes at the edge of letters. 2017-07-05 · To make it easier for you to use this guide as a reference material, we’ve arranged our 30 unique font pairings according to the content or publication type they work best for. Again, if you think we’ve missed one that should have been covered, drop a note in the comments’ section, below. 01. Design Publication. One of the most effective ways to pair fonts is by combining a traditional serif with a more modern sans serif—like this Google font combination, Abril Fatface and Lato.
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So here we have the following items: A very long chart of the font combinations; We must also technically call this a list of top typeface combinations, which is what it really is (Google “fonts and typefaces” for some spirited discussions). -The Type Connection maked font pairing a game, if you’re finding all this font talk a bit dry. -Typewolf shows popular font combinations when you’re in the need for a quick fix or some font-spiration! GO-TO FONTS. If you’re not a designer or just don’t have the time to learn all the basics to pairing fonts, we get it. Fonts are the vehicle in which your content is given. If your content’s meaning and the style of your font don’t align, your reader will be left confused.

It’s not unusual to see sans-serif fonts used for titles A good font family has a Serif and a Sans Serif font, and can be used as a combination, by themselves. More than fonts, Font combinations are very important. Heading and Body fonts really have to gel together, and then, it creates a lasting impact. Here are some font combinations which work really well. Montserrat: Font Shop has a neat guide to typefaces that pair well with the iconic font. Yes, no, maybe? This font combination chart has 484 possible font pairings, coded as “combine at will,” “not a conservative choice” or “think again.” Conclusion.
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Font pairing chart

Yet another tip to help you successfully pair fonts is to compare them by their x-height. This is the height of the character “x” — it varies from font to font, and oftentimes, fonts with similar x-height will combine well. Conclusion. This is the end of our skinny on pairing fonts.

Vidaloka + Roboto · 5. Merriweather and 6. 2 Mar 2019 Ever had problems deciding how to pair fonts? This blog post and and infographic provide an easy introduction to pairing fonts.
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One fairly common mistake I see with my Learn UI Design students is they pair fonts that are quite similar. Instead, use the addition of other fonts to fill out your brand in ways one font cannot. A gentle, and extremely usable font, Palanquin was designed by Pria Ravichandran, and can be used in many different design styles. It looks amazing bold or thin, and has many different options for pairing fonts, however we think that Roboto is perfect, because it too is a very simple font.

An easy way to pair fonts is to use multiple  9 Jun 2016 However — as Tim Brown says in his guide Combining Typefaces Font pairings from the Google Web Fonts Typography Project website. You can use this plugin as a handy landing page creation tool to optimize the typography of your webpages or simply as a great guide for researching typeface   Wedding Invitation Font Pairing Guide. Font combinations for eight different styles that can be used to create wedding invitations, cards, posters and more! 29 Mar 2019 When I made a quick guide including my favorite fonts for the Cricut fonts, bold fonts, font pairings, and some of the best fonts for monograms! 27 Feb 2019 This is intended as a practical guide for developers to learn web typography. We' ll cover a How to choose fonts and font pairings.